St. Andrews World School Views on the Art of Power Parenting

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Written by: Ms. Manisha Khanna, Principal (St. Andrews World School Gurugram)

Parenting is both an art and a journey—one that molds the future one child at a time. At St. Andrews World School, we understand that our actions as parents and educators speak louder than our words. “Lead by example” isn’t just a suggestion; it’s a necessity because “Your child is watching.”

St. Andrews World School Views on the Art of Power Parenting: Raising Confident and Resilient Kids

Delve into the profound journey of power parenting. At St. Andrews World School, we understand the pivotal role parents play in shaping the future generation. In this comprehensive guide, we explore essential principles and strategies for fostering character, resilience, and empathy in children.

Modelling Behaviour

“Actions speak louder.” This simple truth is at the heart of power parenting. Children don’t just listen; they observe and imitate. Whether it’s how we handle our mistakes or how we treat others, our children are taking notes. It’s our responsibility to be the role models they need—exhibiting patience, resilience, and empathy. Every action we take can be a powerful lesson in character for our children.

Establishing a Supportive Environment

St Andrews World School, School in Gurugram, Best school in Gurugram, School education Gurugram, Best Schools in Gurugram

“Love, live, laugh, learn.” In our homes and at St. Andrews World School, we strive to create environments where these four powerful words come to life. Environments where our children feel secure enough to fail and confident enough to try again. Spaces where their voices are heard and their dreams are supported. We consider our school and the children’s homes as sanctuaries for growth and self-discovery.

Communication: The Bridge to Understanding

“Listen earnestly.” Open communication creates trust and helps build strong relationships. We encourage our children to share their thoughts and feelings openly and without fear. This openness helps them develop the confidence to speak up and the skill to articulate their ideas and emotions clearly, fostering a sense of agency that will serve them throughout their lives.

Encouraging Independence and Responsibility

“Give them wings.” Our role as parents isn’t just to protect; it’s to prepare our children for the world outside. By assigning responsibilities and allowing the space to manage them, we help our children develop independence, accountability, and resilience to handle life’s challenges.

Consistency is Key

“Stay the course.” Consistency in parenting fosters security and discipline. It involves setting clear expectations and being firm but fair in their application. When children know what is expected and see these expectations met with consistent actions from adults, their world becomes a more predictable, manageable place.

Involvement: Participate in Their World

St Andrews World School, School in Gurugram, Best school in Gurugram, School education Gurugram, Best Schools in Gurugram

“Be their guest.” Engaging in your child’s world isn’t about overseeing every aspect but participating meaningfully—understanding their interests, acknowledging their struggles, and celebrating their victories. At St. Andrews, we encourage parents to dive into the world of their children, to learn and grow alongside them.

Teaching Empathy and Understanding

“Feel with Them” The first step in teaching empathy is helping children recognize their own emotions. This can be done through regular conversations about feelings and by naming emotions as they occur. For example, you might say, “It seems like you’re frustrated because your toy broke,” or “I notice you’re very happy when you’re drawing.” These moments teach children to identify and label their feelings, which is foundational for emotional intelligence.

Building Resilient Spirits

“Fostering Resilience: Rise Again” Building resilient spirits in children involves teaching them to view failures and setbacks not as insurmountable obstacles, but as valuable learning opportunities. Encouraging a constructive attitude towards challenges helps children understand that mistakes are a natural part of growth and development. This mindset empowers them to persist and strive for solutions rather than feeling defeated. By fostering resilience, we equip our children with the mental and emotional tools to navigate life’s ups and downs, ultimately strengthening their ability to adapt and thrive in various situations. This skill not only aids them during childhood but also prepares them for the complexities of adult life.

Accentuating Positive Behaviours

Focus on the Good Accentuating positive behaviors involves actively recognizing and rewarding actions and traits in children that are desirable and constructive. This positive reinforcement helps to strengthen those behaviors, making them more likely to be repeated. When children receive positive feedback or rewards for their efforts and achievements, it not only boosts their self-esteem and motivation but also communicates the values and conduct that are appreciated by their parents and educators.

Encouraging Educational Adventures

St Andrews World School,
School in Gurugram,
Best school in Gurugram, 
School education Gurugram, Best Schools in Gurugram

“Explore Together” Encouraging educational adventures means actively engaging children in learning experiences that expand their horizons and spark their curiosity. This approach involves introducing children to a variety of subjects and activities that might not be covered in depth in their regular schooling. By involving them in hands-on science experiments, for example, they not only learn about scientific principles but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Watching historical documentaries together can open up discussions about different cultures and times, enhancing their understanding of the world and its history


 “Be the Change You Wish to See in Your Child”

In the art of power parenting, every gesture, every word, and every action teaches and molds. Our commitment at St. Andrews World School is to support you in guiding your children towards becoming capable, confident, and caring individuals. Together, let’s nurture a generation that not only dreams of a better world but also possesses the resilience and character to make it a reality.

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