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Celebration of Mother's Day by the Best School in Dehradun

Celebration of Mother’s Day by the Best School in Nehru Colony Dehradun  

Mother’s Day Celebration The Best School in Dehradun as the St.Andrews World School held a special Mother’s Day celebration on May 6th. All the mothers and grandmothers of the students were invited to attend. The event started with a beautiful song by the school choir, followed by a play put on by the students. The mothers were then treated to a delicious lunch prepared by the school’s culinary team. It was a wonderful day for all involved, and a great way to show appreciation for all the mothers in the St. Andrews community. Conserving a positive mindset is crucial as...


The Best School for Your Child’s Future: St Andrews World School.

When you think about sending your child to school, it’s hard to know what the best option is. There are many factors that are important when deciding what school is best for your child. Will it be a private or public school? What are the benefits of an open plan over a traditional classroom? These are all considerations when deciding on what school is right for your children.We want to make sure that you have all the information necessary in order to make this decision. Here are some great reasons why St Andrews World School is the best school in...

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Why an ICSE Board is Important for Your Child’s Education

provide a unique type of education that’s not easily found elsewhere. They offer a curriculum that’s completely customized to the students in each class, and they emphasize a global perspective. In most cases, students in international schools come from all over the world. ICSE schools are no different. Students at international schools are almost always enrolled to study the ICSE curriculum. This is because international schools follow the Indian Council for School Education (ICSE) guidelines and standards. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about ICSE schools, including the benefits, common misconceptions, and different options you...